Special Services For Enhanced Communications

Caller ID Caller ID lets you know who is calling before you answer the phone (but will not identify callers with unpublished numbers). OTZ offers Caller ID service, but to use the ser vice you will need a separate display unit, or a telephone with a built-in display. You can buy display units from OTZ, an electronics store, or in the electronics department of larger variety stores. Instructions for using Caller ID will vary slightly with the display unit you choose; follow the directions pro Many OTZ subscribers choose the extra benefits of Custom Calling features. These features are designed to enhance the qual ity and enjoyment of your telephone calls. Let us help make your life simpler with Custom Calling. Call us today, and ask a Customer Service Representative about adding Custom Calling to your phone service. Available Custom Calling features include: • Three-Way Calling • Call Waiting • Call Forwarding • Speed Calling vided with the display unit you buy. Custom Calling Features

Using Custom Calling Features Three-Way Calling This feature allows you to bring a third party into a previously established call. For example, if you’re talking with a relative in Anchorage, you can include another friend or relative in your village – then all three of you can talk at the same time! When someone hangs up, you are still connected to the other person sharing the call. To Use Three-Way Calling 1. Call the first person you want to talk with. After establishing a connection, you can go ahead with the next step. 2. To add a third party, depress and release the hook switch (or “flash” button); this puts the first party on hold. Listen for three bursts of dial tone followed by a steady (normal) dial tone. 3. Dial the number of the third party. When this person answers, you can talk pri vately. When you are ready to establish the three-way connection, depress and release the hook switch. (Note: If the person you call does not answer, or the line is busy, just depress and release the hook switch and you will be reconnected to your original party.) 4. When you hang up, all parties are discon nected and the call is completed.


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