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How To Handle Annoyance Calls It is against the law in the state of California to make an obscene, harassing or threatening tele phone call. When you receive such a call, follow these suggestions: 1. When answering your telephone, say hello twice. If no answer, HANG UP. 2. Do not give information until you are abso lutely certain you know who is speaking. 3. Instruct children not to give any information to strangers over the phone. 4. Hang up when your hear something obscene or annoying. 5. Never reveal the fact that you are alone. 6. When annoyance calls persist, contact your local law enforcement agency. 7. Calls of a threatening nature should be reported to the local law enforcement agency immediately. Automatic Answering Sets Long distance charges apply to station calls made to telephones with automatic answering sets. Charging begins when the called telephone is answered by the automatic answering set. Telephone Safety The telephone is one of the safest appliances in your home or office. There are, however, a few situations where a telephone user needs to be cautious. Use Of The Telephone Near Water The telephone should not be used while you are in a bathtub, shower or pool. Immersion of the telephone or handset in water could cause an electrical shock. Use Of The Telephone During An Electrical Storm You should avoid using a telephone during an electrical storm in your immediate area; calls of an urgent nature should be brief. Although Cal Ore Telephone Co. uses protective measures to

limit abnormal electric surges from entering your home, absolute protection is impossible. There is a remote risk of a dangerous electrical shock from lightning when using the telephone during a nearby electrical storm.

Use Of The Telephone To Report A Gas Leak

If you think you’ve found a gas leak, you should not use a telephone in the vicinity of the leak until the leak is repaired. The telephone contains electrical contacts that could generate a tiny spark to trigger an explosion if the gas concen tration is high enough. Out-Of-Town Directories If your telephone service needs require that you frequently use a directory for a city or calling area other than your own, out-of-town directo ries may be ordered, for a fee, directly through the following companies:

SBC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-866-329-7118

Dex. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-422-8793 You can apply your charges to either MasterCard or Visa .


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