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Complete Blocking (With Per Call Enabling)

Press *82 to deactivate on a per call basis. Complete Blocking is a free service that gives you permanent control over the transmission of your phone number. To activate the service you must specifically request it from Cal-Ore Tel. Co. Complete Blocking blocks the trans mission of your telephone number on ALL of the calls you place, unless you specify otherwise. There is no need to enter a code before making each call. Those with Caller ID units have the word PRIVATE displayed. You may deactivate Complete Blocking on specific calls by pressing *82 on your touch calling phone (or 1182 on a rotary dial phone) before you dial. Non-Published Telephone Numbers If you do not choose a blocking option, you are automatically provided Selective Blocking unless you have non-published service. If you have non-published service, you must be defaulted to Complete Blocking as required by the California Public Utilities Commission. These blocking options are free. If you want to change your initial blocking option, you may do so one time free of charge. Important Note You cannot block the transmission of your telephone number for calls to 9-1-1, 800/833/844/855/866/877/888 and 900 service, regardless of the blocking option you choose. If for some reason, you want to report an emergency without having your number displayed, you should call the agency’s seven-digit number instead of 9-1-1. If the number you are calling from is not equipped with Complete Blocking, you will need to press *67 (or 1167 from a rota ry dial phone) before you dial the agency’s number in order to block your number from being shown.

To Block Anonymous Calls Use Anonymous Call Rejection, a free service for Caller ID customers, by lifting the receiver and dialing *77 (rotary 1177). Anonymous Call Rejection informs callers who have blocked their name and number that the party they are trying to reach does not accept blocked calls. The blocked caller is informed that they can unblock their call and redial. To cancel Anonymous Call Rejection, lift the receiver and dial *87 (rotary 1187). Your Privacy Whether you choose to transmit your number or prevent it from being shown, Cal-Ore Tel. Co. agrees that the display of your telephone num ber should be the result of your informed con sent. You have a legal right to choose whether or not your telephone number will be displayed on a Caller ID unit. That’s why Cal-Ore Tel. Co. provides free block ing services that give you the freedom to choose if, when, and how your number will be shown to those you call. You may change your blocking option once without charge. Your Choice... Selective Blocking Press *67 before placing your call. Selective Blocking is a FREE service that blocks your telephone number from being transmitted and/or seen on Caller ID units on a per call basis. By simply pressing *67 on your touch calling phone (or 1167 from a rotary dial phone) before placing a call, your phone number will not be trans mitted. Those with Caller ID units who receive your call will see the word PRIVATE displayed.


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