Voice Mail

Voice Mail Is An Electronic Messaging Service • No machines to buy. The system is “built-in” to your telephone through your local business office. Call for activation and cost of this service. • Every message that you receive is automati cally recorded with a date and time stamp so you know when messages arrived. • You can check your voice mailbox for mes sages from any touch-tone telephone – any time, anywhere. You can even check your messages from your email. • Voice Mail answers your calls and will take messages even when you are talking on your telephone, so you don’t miss messages because people calling got a busy signal. • Access to your mailbox is secured by your own personal code/password. Multiple sub-mailboxes are also available. Voice Mail Definitions: • Mailbox: Where your messages are received and stored. • Mailbox Number: Your 10-digit home or business phone number. • Voice Mail Number: The phone number you call to retrieve your messages: Dorris/Macdoel 397-3030; Tulelake/Newell 667-5000. Dial 1-530 then appropriate number when checking your mailbox from outside our calling area. • Password: Your personal identification number between 4 and 7 digits to open your “electronic” mailbox . To Access Your Mailbox Dial: 397-3030 . . . . . in Dorris & Macdoel 667-5000 . . . . .in Tulelake & Newell

If calling from the phone your voice mail is assigned to, Press # , or If calling from a remote phone, enter your mailbox number (your 10-digit telephone number), or If using Auto Login and accessing from your home phone, no entry is required. If requested, enter your password, fol lowed by the # key. Your password will be a default of four zeros (0000) until you change it. Voice Mail Tips: • Situation: You need to leave a mes sage in your own or someone else’s mailbox but you do not want to listen to the whole greeting. • Solution: Simply press # when you hear the greeting start. You’ll hear the record ed tone. Then leave your message. • Situation: You deleted a played mes sage and you wish you hadn’t! • Solution: Press 6 to replay your “delet ed” message, then press 2 to re-save the message before playing the next message or exiting your mailbox.

To directly access your Voice Mail, Press *98.


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