Custom Calling Features Extra Services For Your Convenience

To Remove Either Person From Connection:

To Restore Normal Answering: 1. Dial *73 if touch-tone. Dial 73 , and pause if rotary. 2. Listen for two bursts of tone.

The first person on the connection simply hangs up. The third person is removed by depressing the hookswitch and releasing immediately after the third person hangs up. All three connections are automatically discon nected when you hang up.

Some Tips: Call Forwarding continues until you cancel it. You can make outgoing calls while Call Forwarding is in effect. One short ring will be heard at your telephone when a call is being forwarded. Notify the person to receive calls if Call Forwarding is used from a measured service telephone, a local mes sage charge applies for each call forwarded. Call Forwarding to long distance numbers will be charged to you at long distance rates. Caller ID Caller ID is a service that allows you to see who is calling before you answer the phone. There is no way to know if the party you are calling has the service. Caller ID service requires a display unit which will also store the name and tele phone numbers of recent callers. Calls marked “PRIVATE” or “ANONYMOUS” are from callers who have chosen to block delivery of their name and number. Caller ID also shows your telephone number and name to a person or business you call. Whenever you make a phone call, your tele phone number is transmitted to those who have Caller ID service and display equipment, even if you do not have the service itself .

Call Forwarding If you are going to be at another location (telephone number) or you wish your calls to be answered by another person, you may do so by entering the desired telephone number. All your incoming calls will be forwarded automatically. You may still use your telephone for outgoing calls. To Forward Either Local Or Long Distance Calls: 1. Dial *72 if touch-tone. Dial 72 (rotary dial telephones), wait for second dial tone. 2. Dial the telephone number to which your calls are to be forwarded. Ringing will be heard. When the called party answers, Call Forwarding is in effect. If the line is busy or there is no answer, hang up immediately and repeat steps 1 and 2. Call Forwarding will be established automatically when you hear two bursts of tone.


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