Custom Calling Features Extra Services For Your Convenience

Call Waiting If someone dials your number while you are using your telephone, a short tone will notify you of the call. The calling party will receive normal ringing tone and cannot hear your conversation. If you desire, you can put the original party on hold by depressing the hookswitch for one sec ond and answer the second call. You may alter nate between each call as often as necessary, but may not talk to both parties at the same time. A brief tone will alert you when another call is waiting to be answered. A reminder tone will sound 10 seconds later. To Answer The Waiting Call You may terminate the existing call and hang up. Your phone will ring. Answer it and you will be connected to the waiting call. If you wish to answer the waiting call and hold an existing call, depress the hookswitch firmly and release it immediately.

Cancel Call Waiting To cancel Call Waiting, press *70 , if you have touch-tone service, or dial 1170 if you have a rotary phone. Wait for the dial tone. Then dial the number you wish to call. Call Waiting has been cancelled for the duration of this call only and will be automat ically restored when your call is completed. Three-Way Calling Add another person to an existing conversation by depressing the hookswitch for one second, and dialing the additional person’s number when you receive a dial tone. The 3-way connection is completed after another hookswitch flash. 1. Depress hookswitch firmly (one second). 2. Release immediately. This puts the first party on hold. 3. Listen for three brief tones, then a dial tone. 4. Dial the telephone number of the third person to be added. After the third person answers, you may talk before returning to the original call. 5. Depress hookswitch firmly and release immediately. This returns the first person to the line and com- pletes the three-way connection. Add A Third Person To Your Conversation As Follows:

Return To The First Call By depressing the hookswitch firmly and releasing it immediately, you will return to the first call.

Alternate Between The Two Calls

As often as necessary by depressing the hookswitch firmly and releasing it immediately each time, you can alter nate between the two calls. To End Either Call After you’ve finished talking with either party, hang up. Your phone will ring and when you answer, you’ll be connected with the remaining person.

NOTE: If the line is busy or there is no answer, cancel by pressing the hookswitch twice (one second each). Continue the original conversation.


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