Honeybells: A Rare & Distinctive Gift

Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit

Bes Seller

The Honeybell Gift Card

When you order for Christmas, your recipients will receive a card in December announcing that your gift will arrive in January at its peak of freshness and flavor.

When you want to send a gift that’s not only exquisite but unique, Honeybells are the answer. A luscious blend of the Dancy Tangerine and sweet Duncan Grapefruit, this special citrus is only available for a short time in January, making it a rare treat not found in stores. Gourmet Honeybells are grown in the most fertile groves, ensuring distinctive taste and abundant juice. They’re picked at their peak and shipped directly without spending time in a warehouse. Guaranteed fresh!

Send our 2 best citrus varieties in 1 unforgettable package. Honeybells, a rare treat only available for a few weeks in January, are a luscious blend of the Dancy Tangerine and sweet Duncan Grapefruit. With honey-like flavor and lots of juice, this is citrus like none other. Our famous Ruby Red Grapefruit is seedless and so sweet you won’t need sugar. Available in 5 sizes!

4HR 4 fruit trays - approx 40 pieces $94.99 3HR 3 fruit trays - approx 30 pieces $78.99 2HR 2 fruit trays - approx 20 pieces $64.99

1HR 1 fruit tray - approx 10 pieces $46.99 70HR sampler fruit tray - approx 5 pieces $35.99 Available January thru early February

Available January thru early February 4H 4 fruit trays - approx 48 pieces $99.99 3H 3 fruit trays - approx 36 pieces $84.99

2H 2 fruit trays - approx 24 pieces $69.99 1H 1 fruit tray - approx 12 pieces $49.99 70H sampler fruit tray - approx 6 pieces $37.99



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