Custom Calling Features

Do Not Disturb – *54 Do Not Disturb allows calls to be directed to the following special announcement: “We’re sorry. The customer you are trying to reach cannot be disturbed.”

• Press *54 to activate this feature. • Press *55 to deactivate this feature.

Find-Me, Follow-Me Sim Ring – *43 This feature, also known simply as Sim Ring, allows incoming calls to be forwarded to as many as six different numbers. This feature is great for business or residential users who want to simultaneously receive calls at multiple locations such as home, office, cell phone or other remote locations without having to forward phone calls. To add telephone numbers to your Find-Me, Follow-Me Sim Ring list,

you will need to call Ritter at 888-336-4466. • Press *43 to activate this feature. • Press *44 to deactivate this feature.

Call Waiting While talking on the phone, a short tone will let you know a second call is coming in. To answer the second call (and place the first call on hold), quickly press the switch-hook/flash button and the second caller will be on the line. By quickly depressing the switch hook/flash button, you can alternate between calls. NOTE: To cancel Call Waiting before you place a call, Press *70. After you hang up from your phone call, Call Waiting is automatically re-established. Customer Originated Trace – *57 If you are receiving obscene, threatening or harassing calls, use Customer Originated Trace to have the calling party’s number traced and printed out by Ritter Communications. This feature enables a customer to initiate an automatic trace of the last call received. • Press *57 to activate this feature. Next, you will hear a tone. Dial 1 and listen to the message and follow the instructions. If you receive a busy signal when this is done, there was no data for the system to retrieve. Please Note: It is your responsibility to contact your local law enforcement agency and advise them that you have activated a trace through Ritter Communications. When activated, the caller’s information is sent to Ritter Communications. Under no circumstances will you be provided the caller’s information. Ritter Communications will provide the requested information to the proper law enforcement agency upon their request.

Priority Call – *64 Priority Call is an incoming call management feature. This feature allows you to create a list of up to six different telephone numbers that will have a distinctive ring tone when you receive a call from a number on this list. • Press *64 to activate. If subscribed to Call Waiting, you will also receive a distinctive alert tone for an incoming call when you are on another call. After dialing *64, you will be instructed to make the following type entries:

3 = On/Off # = Add a number to the list * = Remove a number from the list 1 = Hear entries already set up 0 = Hear the instructions again


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