Custom Calling Features

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Activate Deactivate

Activate Deactivate

Anonymous Call Rejection

Priority Call



*64 *61 *68 *60 *74

Automatic Recall Caller ID Block Cancel Call Waiting

Selective Call Acceptance Selective Call Forwarding Selective Call Rejection

*69 *89

*67 *70 *57 *54

Customer Originated Trace

Caller ID – Name & Number This feature provides you the ability to receive the calling party’s name and number before you answer the call. The date and time of the call are also displayed after the first incoming ring. Speed Calling 1 Digit Speed Calling 2 Digit *75 Unconditional Call Forwarding *72

Do Not Disturb

*55 *44

Find-Me, Follow-Me Sim Ring *43


This feature requires a telephone with a Caller ID display or a separate Caller ID unit.

Caller ID Block – *67

Anonymous Call Rejection – *77 Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject calls from any caller who activates Caller ID Block or when a caller’s number appears as “blocked” or “private.” The caller will receive the following announcement: “We’re sorry. The party you are calling does not wish to talk to callers who block their numbers. If you wish to reach this party, please hang up and call again without blocking your number.” All other incoming calls will remain unaffected.

If you do not want your name or number to appear on the Caller ID of the person you are calling, you can activate Caller ID Block before dialing the number. This feature is available to all customers at no charge. • Press *67 to activate this feature.

• Press *77 to activate this feature. • Press *87 to deactivate this feature.

Automatic Recall – *69 When you miss a call, the number of the last person who called you can automatically be called back. • Listen for the dial tone. • Press *69. This will automatically call back the last incoming call, excluding long distance calls. If the number is busy, your phone will continue dialing the number for 30 minutes or until you cancel by Pressing *89.

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