Long Distance Calling

Direct-Dial Direct-dial your call if you will speak with anyone who answers. The lowest rates will apply on 1 + direct-dialed calls without operator assistance . Person-to-Person Call person-to-person when you wish to talk to a particular person or extension number. Tell the operator you wish to make a person to-person call. Rates are higher than a direct-dialed call and also apply when you talk to an alternate person or extension. Charging starts when conversation begins. Conference You can talk with several people in different places at the same time. Tell the operator you wish to make a conference call. There may be a service charge. You can contact your long distance carrier for the rates of this service. Collect You can call collect if the person or firm you are calling agrees to pay the charge. If you want to make a collect call, please be sure You can make local and long distance calls to automobiles, trucks, aircrafts, boats and ships. To reach local mobile telephones listed in this directory, just dial the telephone number. On long distance calls, ask the operator for the mobile, marine or high seas operator as appropriate. For information on other communications common carriers, consult the Yellow Pages or other business guides. Toll Free Calling Direct-dial long distance calls may be made, without charge to you, to those customers who have Wide Area Telephone Service to tell the operator when you place the call. Mobile-Air-Land-Marine

(WATS). This service is offered to customers calling from specific locations. Dial 1 plus Area Code “800,” “888,” “877,” “866,” “855,” “844,” or “833” plus the WATS number of the customer having this service. Equal Access Telephone customers have the opportunity to choose the long distance carrier they prefer to provide their long distance service for interstate and intrastate calling. Any questions about services provided by these various long distance companies should be handled directly with the appropriate long distance company. With the full 2-PIC methodology, customers are able to PIC carriers for both out of state and in state. To check your carrier, call toll free 1-700-555-4141. Directory Assistance To reach distant directory assistance (information): Dial 1 plus the area code for the place you are calling plus 555-1212. For numbers in area codes 901 and 731, simply dial 411. Tell the operator the city or town, then the name or place you want to call. A charge will apply for out-of-state directory assistance. To reach toll free Wide Area Telephone Service directory assistance (information): Dial 1 plus area code 800 plus 555-1212 to obtain numbers of those customers who offer incoming long distance calls without a charge to persons calling from specific locations. You will not be charged: • If you hang up before you dial the complete number. • If the telephone number you dial is busy or does not answer.


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