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Caller ID Caller ID allows you to see the name and number of the caller on a display unit or display phone before you answer a call. How to use: 1. When a call comes in, the Caller ID unit will receive the information after the first ring. 2. The incoming caller’s name and phone number will appear on the display screen. 3. If you choose to accept the call, pick up the hand set. If you choose not to accept the call, no action is necessary. How to cancel on per outbound call basis: 1. Press *67 2. Dial number desired If you subscribe to Caller ID Block and want your number sent: 1. Press *82 2. Dial number desired K. PHILLIPS 312-555-2167

Call Waiting With Call Waiting, a special tone alerts you to an incoming call when you’re already on the phone, giving you the opportunity to continue your conver sation or put the first caller on hold and answer the inbound call. How to use: 1. While on a call, a small beep or distinct tone will alert you of another incoming call. 2. Press the receiver hook or the flash button to answer the second call. 3. When the second call is answered, the first call is automatically placed on hold. 4. To return to the original call, press the receiver hook or the flash button. NOTE: This feature is on at all times and is available on all calls whether they are incoming or outgoing. This feature may interfere with modem use, but can be turned off temporarily as detailed below. How to cancel: This service allows a Call Waiting subscriber to disable Call Waiting for an individual call, so that important calls are not interrupted. The service is enabled by dialing an access code before or during the call for which Call Waiting is to be canceled.


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