Non-Published or Non-Public? Federal regulations require CVT to provide cus tomer billing name and address information to telecommunications companies for use in billing you directly for any calls you make using their services. CVT will only provide this information upon the request of the telecommunications provider unless the subscriber to a nonpublished or unlisted telephone number has affirmatively requested that its billing name and address not be disclosed. Upon such request the information will not be provided. If you have a problem with your phone service or billing, call our business office. If you have a tele phone repair problem, call our Repair Service. CVT customer service and technical support personnel are specially trained to solve your telephone problems and to be sensitive to your needs. However, if you’re not satisfied, feel free to ask for a supervisor. If your problem can’t be solved by the supervisor, higher levels of man agement are available to help you. Remember, we’re here to serve you. Tones and Signals The following types of tones are sometimes heard on landline telephones. If you are calling our offices for technical support, our personnel may ask if you hear one or more of these signals. • Dial Tone A continuous hum, the signal to start dialing. • Ringing Signal A burring tone repeated at regular intervals. • Busy Signal A steady buzz-buzz tone. Credit for Telephone Service Outages Upon request of the customer, CVT will allow customers credit in all cases where telephones are “out of service” for a period of two days or more from the time the trouble was reported by the customer, except when the “out of service” Reporting and Solving Telephone Problems

is due to the fault of the customer. No other lia bility shall in any case attach to CVT on account of interruptions of service. Can I Have My Home or Addition Pre-wired for Phone Service? If you are remodeling or have a house, duplex or triplex under construction, we can install telephone wires so that they do not show. This pre-wiring must be done before wall framing is covered with wallboard. Call our business offic es to schedule an appointment for this work. Consumer-Provided Equipment Equipment, apparatus, devices or systems not furnished by Copper Valley Telecom may be used with company facilities and equipment on one party service, provided such use complies with the Copper Valley tariffs. Any item used with the Company’s facilities and equipment in violation of the Company’s tariffs may lead to disconnection from the network of the equip ment, apparatus, devices or systems, or in the suspension of your telephone service. Please contact our business offices for other informa tion concerning these regulations. Telephone Safety The telephone is one of the safest appliances in your home or office. There are, however, a few situations where a telephone user should use caution. • Using the telephone near water – The tele phone should not be used while you are in the bathtub, shower or pool. Immersion of the telephone or handset in water could cause an electrical shock. • Using the telephone during an electrical storm – Avoid using a telephone during an electrical storm in your immediate area; calls of an urgent nature should be brief. Although the system uses protective measures to limit abnormal electrical surges from entering your home, absolute protection is impossible. There is a remote risk of a dangerous elec-


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