Today, the world of telecommunications is changing at an incredible rate. All of us here at Copper Valley Telecom, your member-owned cooperative, are committed to being your service provider of choice.

TELEPHONE Copper Valley Telecom offers the most reliable landline telephone network in Prince William Sound and the Copper River Basin, including everything from basic service to an array of useful calling features to help manage your incoming and outgoing calls. INTERNET Choose from the fastest speeds available, with up to 1Gig fiber Internet in most areas. No matter what kind of Internet user you are, we have the speed to meet your needs.

WIRELESS Copper Valley Telecom’s 4G LTE network supports our selection of top quality wireless phones, data cards, and routers. We offer our customers the broadest and best coverage in our region, skilled local technicians to provide quality technical support, and competitively priced calling plans. With our Unlimited plans, you can use data at full speed up until your chosen data cap. Now including FREE Talk and Text, and 1 GB of Data while roaming in Canada and Mexico!*

*For more information, please visit:

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