Dialing Instructions To place an International call: 1. Dial the International Access Code 011 2. The Country Code 3. The City Code 4. The Local Number For example: To place a direct dialed call to Oslo, Norway, you would dial: International Access Code + Country Code + City Code + Local Number 011 + 47 + 22 + Local Number After dialing any international call, allow at least 45 seconds for the ringing to start. Additional Assistance or Information Dial “00” (Operator) if you need assistance: 1. To call countries that cannot be direct dialed. 2. For help on completing a call. 3. To get credit if you reach a wrong number. 4. To get Country and City Codes that are not listed. Country and City Codes are on page 10.

Calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Most Dial Points in the Caribbean/Atlantic Region

These calls can be dialed the same as long dis tance calls within the continental United States.

Rates For information on rates, call your long distance carrier.

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