Customer Information Things You Need To Know

Business Where use is primarily or substantially of a business, professional, institutional, or otherwise occupational nature. Residence Where use is primarily of a social or domestic nature.

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Your Rights And Responsibilities

Be careful who you let use your phone. If telephone service is in your name, you are responsible for all calls made from your phone, including long distance calls, regard less of who places the call. Your telephone may be used for legal purposes only and may not be used in any way that interferes with the telephone service of others. Equipment connected to the Telephone Company’s lines must be in compliance with our tariffs and Federal Communications Commission regulations. Interruption To Service When requested by the customer, if service is interrupted for more than twenty-four (24) hours, and for causes other than the negligence or willful act of the customer, an allowance shall be made for the minimum rate for the telephone facilities and class of service affected by the interruption, for such time as the interruption continues. No other liability shall be attached to the Telephone Company for such service interruptions. Business And Residence Service Determination as to whether a customer service should be classified as business or residence will be based upon the character of use, regardless of the type of premises.

Regulations, Rules And Tariffs Copies of our rules, regulations and rates are available for public inspection at the Telephone Company office.

Regulatory Commission Of Alaska Consumer Protection Hotline 1-800-390-2782


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