Lifeline Telephone Services

Need a lifeline?

OTZ Telephone offers Lifeline and Linkup service to qualifying residential customers. For $0 per month you can sign up for monthly telephone service. Apply online at

Pursuant to the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and in accordance with the FCC Rule 54.401 (d) (2), OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (OTZ) herein provides the following information regarding its universal services offerings:

- Residential single-line service $0.00. without a charge. - Lifeline customers who elect toll services may be required to pay a deposit. • OTZ offers Lifeline and Linkup programs to qualifying customers. Services are at the following rates: Toll restriction service is offered

• OTZ offers single-line local service on

calling) at a rate of $16.55 per month for Residential Service. • Local Emergency Service may be reached by dialing 911. • Long distance, operator service and directory assistance are available through interexchange carriers. Rates can be obtained by contacting the various long distance providers in your area.

For more information: call our office toll-free at 1-800-478-3111, visit our website at, or visit our local office at 346 Tundra Way in Kotzebue.


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