Special Services For Enhanced Communications

To Use Speed Calling To use Speed Calling, simply dial the desired code number and wait 4 seconds* for the call to be put through. * If you own a push-button telephone, you can skip the 4 second wait by depressing the (#) symbol. Selective Call Rejection Description This feature allows a subscriber to reject calls from any party that is programmed on the subscriber’s Selective Call Rejection list. Rejected calls are routed to the Selective Call Rejection intercept treatment. Conditions The CLASS 1 feature must be purchased and enabled. Programming 1. Set the feature access codes for Selective Call Rejection Activation and Selective Call Rejection Deactivation in the Digit Translation Assignment view. 2. Program the Selective Call Rejection Assignment view with the subscriber’s directory number. Note that the “activate” parameter must initially be set to “no” (the parameter may be set to “yes” after step 3 is completed).

Speed Calling (cont’d.) Coding Choices

There are two ways to set up the codes for Speed Calling. Before you decide which will work best for you, talk with an OTZ Customer Service Representative. OTZ Coding With this option, you tell us what num bers you want to call, and OTZ Telephone Company will take care of all the coding. But you will not be able to make changes to codes from your telephone. Subscriber Coding This enables you to set up and change the Speed Calling codes from your telephone. 1. To enter a new Speed Calling code, dial 74 and wait 4 seconds* for a dial tone. 2. From the available code numbers, dial the code number you want to use. 3. Then dial the telephone number you want to assign to the code number; wait 4 seconds for two bursts of dial tone; then hang up. 4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each number to be stored, using a different code number each time.


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