Special Services For Enhanced Communications

Variable Call Forwarding With this option, you have to dial a new “forward-to” number every time you activate Call Forwarding. 1. To turn on this feature, dial *72 and wait 4 seconds* for a dial tone; then dial the forward-to number and wait another 4 seconds* for two bursts of dial tone. Hang up, or if you want to call the “for ward-to” number, stay on the line for another 4 seconds* and the call will be placed. 2. To turn off this feature and restore normal service, dial *73 and wait 4 seconds* for two bursts of dial tone; then hang up. *If you own a push-button telephone, you can skip the 4-second wait by depressing the (#) symbol. *Not all services are available in all locations. Call customer service for your area.

Speed Calling (Abbreviated Dialing)

Speed Calling makes it easy to dial numbers that you call often. Instead of looking up the number, or dialing lots of long distance digits, the phone will automatically do the dialing for you – when you dial just one or two coded digits. Size Options You can have just a few numbers set up for Speed Calling – or as many as 30! This deci sion can affect the cost of service, so please be sure to talk with an OTZ Customer Service Representative before you make a choice. 8-Number Option With this option, your Speed Calling codes are the single digits 2 through 9. This limits you to eight Speed Calling codes. 30-Number Option Your speed calling codes are the double digits 20 through 49. You can choose to code up to 30 phone numbers.


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