Preserving The Land

Inspire children to explore and learn through nature, becoming good stewards of the San Joaquin River • River Camp creates river buddies and memories • River Quest and Field Trips provides river experiences for school children • River Buddies Pre-K Field Trips introduce young students to the River • Teach the River provides teachers with new tools and resources With care and planning, we can protect this vital public resource and preserve the clean air, water, fish and wildlife and quality of life the San Joaquin River provides, not just for ourselves but for our children and all future generations. San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust, Inc. 11605 Old Friant Road Fresno, CA 93730 Phone: 559-248-8480 Visit our website: www.riverparkway.org Preserving the San Joaquin River for All the Valley’s People Coke Hallowell Center for River Studies For more information about preserved Parkway lands, canoe tours, and outdoor educational programs, call 248-8480 or visit our website at www.riverparkway.org.

The mission of the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust is to preserve and restore San Joaquin River lands having ecological, scenic or historic significance; to educate the public on the need for stewardship; to research issues affecting the river; and to promote educational, recreational and agricultural uses consistent with protection of the river’s resources. The River Parkway Trust continues to… Preserve the San Joaquin River and create green space essential to our quality of life here in the Valley • River land is restored for wildlife habitat and public use • Help private landowners preserve their land for future generations • Create access points to provide San Joaquin River experiences Champion a healthy lifestyle for Valley residents • Lewis S. Eaton Trail at Woodward Park features sweeping vistas and multi-use trails for all ages • Canoe tours provide an enjoyable way to experience the river from April to September • Guided Nature Walks make learning fun for the whole family • Interactive learning and activities for the whole family at the River Center (Coke Hallowell Center for River Studies)


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