Sierra Foothill Conservancy

The Sierra Foothill Conservancy (SFC) is a local land trust rooted in Prather. It is dedicated to the preservation of open space and traditional land uses in the foothills of Fresno, Madera, and Mariposa counties. SFC currently protects over 32,000 acres of land. The Conservancy’s goals include: • Protection of wildlife • Preservation of native plants • Providing educational & recreational opportunities for the community • Promoting scientific study of Foothill ecosystems • Maintaining open space and beautiful vistas The Future The Sierra Foothill Conservancy is working to keep the future foothill area as beautiful as it is today. We will work with foothill landowners, especially ranchers, who wish to keep their property in open space. We plan to expand our program of classes and hikes for the public. Join us! Write or Call: Sierra Foothill Conservancy Prather Office Mariposa Office P.O. Box 529 P.O. Box 691 Prather, CA 93651 Mariposa, CA 95338 559-855-3473 209-742-5556 Nature Preserves The Sierra Foothill Conservancy owns and operates eight nature preserves in the local foothills, totaling 6,451 acres, including: 1. The McKenzie Table Mountain Preserve consists of 2960 acres located on Auberry Road a few miles below Prather. This preserve is managed both as a working cattle ranch and as a nature preserve. A portion of the ranch includes a basalt table formation with seasonal vernal pools, rare plants, and fairy shrimp.

2. The Mary Elizabeth Miller Preserve at Black Mountain, located near Sierra High School, protects 630 acres of dense chaparral and blue oak woodland. It includes the extremely rare shrub, Carpenteria Californica, which grows in the wild only in the local foothills and nowhere else in the world. 3. The Tivy Mountain Preserve, located near Pine Flat Dam, consists of 825 acres of foothill grassland. It protects a rare annual wildflower called Keck’s Checkerbloom, previously believed to be extinct. 4. The Austin & Mary Ewell Preserve on Fine Gold Creek, was purchased in 2006. It protects 718 acres of land in Madera Co. and 1½ miles of lower Fine Gold Creek, which is an essential resource for many foothill birds and animals. These preserves can be seen on regularly scheduled guided hikes sponsored by the Sierra Foothill Conservancy. For information about these hikes and other activities, visit our website at www. sierrafoothill.org. or email: sfc@sierrafoothill.org


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