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Caller ID Know who is calling before you answer the phone! Caller ID allows the calling party’s phone number to be displayed, and Calling Name ID allows the calling party’s name and/or phone number to be displayed on a Caller ID or Calling Name ID compatible phone or device at your home or office (unless the calling party has requested call blocking on their number). When a blocked number calls, “private” will be displayed on your equipment. You can choose to answer or not. Please contact our Customer Care Center to order this feature.

Voicemail With E-Forward Check voicemail messages from your phone, in your email or online. Stay connected realtime to the essential business of running a home and family life, wherever you go. Imagine the possibilities when you can access, set up and retrieve messages from your new integrated voice messaging mailbox—from the telephone keypad, from the Internet and from email! You can use one or all of these message options in unison. • Telephone keypad delivers robust message management functions and user options. Access messages from any telephone, anywhere. Let the voice prompts be your guide! • Groups of mailboxes for individual family members can be securely administered on one phone number. • Voice Portal online gives you access to your voice messages from any computer or device with Internet or email access. Online you can check messages, manage E-Forward options, greeting schedules, distribution lists and voicemail passwords. • E-Forward can send you .wav audio message files to any email address you specify. • This service requires no answering machine; answers your calls when you are on the phone— even when the electricity goes out! Call us or visit us online to learn more about this service.

Centrex Manage multiple location offices or home offices with ease and provide sophisticated features without the additional equipment expense and maintenance. Great for businesses of all sizes. Centrex is a central office base software that allows PBX and key system features without the hardware. Please call one of our Customer Care Representatives today to find out more about what Centrex can do for your business! Ponderosa Wiring Protection Insure yourself against wire damage from the hidden horrors of your home. Those things that go bump (or squeak) in the night may be more of a threat than you think. A threat to your inside phone wires, where a little gnawing can mean big repairs. Which is why Ponderosa offers Ponderosa Wiring Protection – a valuable “insurance policy” that provides fast, reliable repairs to your inside telephone wiring. All at no charge for parts or labor.** All to make your telephone service as dependable as it can be. ** Customers with non-standard wire are not eligible for this maintenance service, and may incur costs for wire repair. Other restrictions apply. Call for complete details.



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