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Priority Ringing If you’re not a Caller ID subscriber, but you’d like to have an idea who’s calling before you answer the phone, Priority Ringing gives your phone a distinctive ring when you’re called from any one of the specific numbers you’ve preselected. Selective Call Acceptance Sometimes there are only specific people you want to hear from. Selective Call Acceptance goes a step beyond Priority Ringing by allowing only those calls you preselect. When your service is turned “on,” other callers will receive a courteous message letting them If you’re going to be leaving the house and you want specific calls forwarded to the number where you’ll be, Selective Call Forwarding allows you to forward only the calls you choose. Selective Call Rejection Okay, let’s admit it: there are some people we just don’t want to talk to. With Selective Call Rejection you can specifically select those numbers you’d rather not hear from. When your service is turned “on,” anyone calling from those numbers will receive a brief message letting them know you’re not receiving calls at that time. know you’re not receiving calls at that time. Selective Call Forwarding

The Ponderosa CLASS Services Advantage As a Ponderosa customer, you may be interested to know you have some technological edge. For example, with Ponderosa’s Custom Local Area Signaling Services (CLASS) calling features, your services will work on calls within the Ponderosa Service Network*, and with many phone numbers outside our network that are on an SS7 supported network, such as Fresno. Call 559-868-6000 or 1-800-682-1878 for information, pricing and availability.

Which CLASS Services can I choose from and what do they do? Anonymous Call Rejection**

* Where network is available. ** Requires Caller ID.

If you have Caller ID, you know that some of the calls you receive are labeled “private.” With Anonymous Call Rejection, your phone will automatically reject all incoming calls labeled “private.” Callers receive a message which says you don’t accept blocked tele phone numbers and suggests they remove blocking and try again. Call Return (*69) It’s practically an unwritten law; the longer your phone rings, the more likely it will stop ringing at the precise moment you finally reach it. With Call Return, your phone instantly redials any calls you miss. Simply enter a code and your phone automatically returns the call you last received! Automatic Redial (*66) When there’s a busy line you just can’t reach, let Automatic Redial do the work for you. It automatically redials a busy number for up to 30 minutes, then gives you a distinctive ring to notify you when the line is free. Then just pick up the phone and the call is automatically placed for you. It even keeps working while you make other calls.


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