Long Distance

Why you should choose Ponderosa Long Distance Services You have told us that you are tired of complicated calling plans, hidden fees in fine print contracts, fast talking telemarketers and hard-to-reach billing agents. As a local company, our focus is on the customer and the communities we serve: • Local, one-touch customer care • Single bill presentation • Flexible calling plans to fit your needs • No telemarketing To learn about current Ponderosa Long Distance promotions please call Customer Care at 559-868 6000, or visit our website for more information. www.goponderosa.com Service Areas California is divided into ten telephone service areas (also known as LATAs). Ponderosa’s service area is called the Fresno Service Area, which includes the 559 area code and a portion of the 209 area code territory. Service Area Toll Calls Calls between any two points in the Fresno Service Area other than local calls. These calls are chargeable. • Within the 559 area, dial: the telephone number • Outside the 559 area, dial: 1 + area code + telephone number OR • Dial the access code of any long distance company you want to use for local and service area toll calls, and then the number you are calling. Note: The charges for calls completed by a long distance company may differ by company. Within Your Service Area: To place a Direct-Dial Call:

Operator Assisted Calls Long distance calls requiring an Operator are more expensive than dial direct or calling card calls. Please contact your long distance company for specific rates and charges which may apply. Types of operator-assisted calls: • Collect Calls • Conference Calls

• Person - to - Person • Station - to - Station • Third Number Calls • Time and Charges • Some Calling Card Charges To place an operator-assisted call: 0 + area code + telephone number



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