Repair Service/Network Interface

* Please note: Those customers who may have the Cook Electric Type 600 unit, there is no test jack in this unit. Please call 6-1-1 for repair assistance. Using a screwdriver, unscrew and open the cover, swinging it to the left. Inside you’ll find a modular plug and jack like the ones found in your home along with instructions on how to test. Now you have disconnected your inside wiring and plugged your set directly into the telephone company lines. Try the telephone. If the problem you experience in your home continues, try the test once more using a different telephone set (if available). If the problem still continues, contact the telephone company and report the problem. Once you have finished your test, unplug your set and securely reconnect the modular jack. Close the cover and screw the fastener down until the cover is snug and tight. But remember, if Ponderosa is called and the trouble is located in your equipment, a service charge will be assessed.

In Working Order Repair Service

Call our Repair Service at 6-1-1 for any problems you experience with your telephone line. Ponderosa will repair line problems on the telephone company side of the demarcation point, known as the Standard Network Interface. This outdoor Network Interface Unit is located where your telephone service enters your premises. You Can Help What’s The Purpose Of The Network Interface Unit? If you should report trouble and a visit to your premises is made, only to find that the problem is your telephone set(s) or customer/vendor provided and maintained inside wire, you will be charged for a service call. Therefore, advance testing made by you at the “Telephone Network Interface” may determine if the problem you are experiencing is in your wiring or the telephone company’s lines, saving you time and money. How Do You Determine Where The Problem Is? Unplug a telephone that is a good working set. Locate the new housing marked “TELEPHONE NETWORK INTERFACE” on the outside of your home. There are currently four types of Network Interface Units in use. Please note appropriate unit mounted at your location and match it to the name and unit pictured on the next page.

If the customer’s presence is required to perform a service connection or repair, the Utility

Company will offer a four-hour period within which service or repair will commence. Warning Access to the telephone network is possible from the “Network Interface” device and as a result, it is feasible that unauthorized use may occur. To discourage the possibility of such use and

the resulting toll charges, we recommend that you secure the device with a padlock. If you have any further questions regarding this Warning Notice, please contact our Customer Care Center.


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