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Customer Rights And Responsibilities

How can I have my discontinued service restored? You can have your discontinued service restored by paying all undisputed charges and the required deposit, if any, or the Company may elect to enter into a settlement agreement with you that would restore your service. You may be assessed a charge for restoring service and the Company may require a deposit. When is a deposit or guarantee required? You may be required to post a deposit or provide a guarantee of payment if you fail to meet our credit- worthiness criteria. Call our office to inquire about our credit-worthiness criteria. How can I file a dispute/complaint? If you have a dispute/complaint with LTC Networks ® , it may be resolved by contacting the District Manager at 3406 Miller St., Bethany, MO 64424, or call 877- 742-5553. A “dispute” must be registered with the Company prior to the delinquent date in order to avoid discontinuance of service. If your complaint is still not resolved, you may contact the Missouri Public Service Commission which regulates LTC Networks ® . You may also contact the Office of Public Counsel; they represent the public (residential customer) before the Public Service Commission.

When will I receive my bill? LTC Networks ® mails bills at or near the first day of each month. You should receive your itemized bill within the first few days of the month. If you do not receive your bill, please call our business office at (816) 528-4211; we will mail you a copy of your current bill at no charge. How can I pay my bill? You may mail your payment as directed on your bill, or you may pay in person at our business office at 3406 Miller St., Bethany, MO. Payment can also be made in person at Goppert Financial Bank located at 710 Oak St., Lathrop, MO. We also offer automatic bank deduction, debit and credit card payment abilities. You may also pay online by going to and clicking on eBill. Contact the business office for more information. When does my bill become delinquent? Your bill will be declared delinquent if it is still unpaid on the 21st day after the first mailing. How I can I dispute a charge on my bill? If you believe a charge appearing on your bill is in error, you can inquire and/or dispute a charge by calling, writing or coming into our office. You may call us by dialing 777 or 816-528-4211, or you may come in the office at 3406 Miller St., Bethany, MO., between the hours of 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays. When can my phone service be disconnected? Your phone service can be disconnected when you have not paid delinquent charges, have failed to pay a required deposit, or failed to comply with a settlement agreement, misrepresented your identity, or refused to allow inspection of company’s facilities and as provided by any state and/or federal law. Basic local phone service cannot be disconnected for non-payment of a delinquent charge for other than basic local phone service. Phone service will not be disconnected on days when the office is not open for business or on the day before the office will not be open for business. Phone service may not be disconnected prior to the 10th day after notice has been given of the company’s intent to do so. (Company will mail/email a ten-day reminder notice and make one attempt to contact the subscriber to be disconnected.) The Company may block access to toll and eliminate any optional service and/or features for non-payment of charges for those services.

Missouri Public Service Commission Governor Office Building 200 Madison St. P.O. Box 360 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0360 800-392-4211 or TTY 573-522-9061 email:

Office of Public Counsel Governor Office Building 200 Madison St., Suite 650 P.O. Box 2230 Jefferson City, MO 65102-2230 573-751-4857 866-922-2959 email:

Customer Provided Equipment Under Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, you may supply your own phone or other terminal equipment and connect it directly to the nationwide phone network. You are not required to obtain your phone or other terminal equipment from the phone company in order to receive service. Rates and services are provided on an equal basis whether


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