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Call Rejection List (Continued) To add the last caller to your rejection list: 1. Press #01# . To hear the phone numbers on your list: 1. Dial 1 . 2. After the list is read, voice instructions will follow. To add a number to your list: 1. Press # . 2. Follow the voice instructions you’ll hear. You can store up to 32 phone numbers on your Selective Call Rejection list. To remove a number from your list: 1. Press * . 2. Follow the voice instructions to remove any or all of those numbers from your rejection list. To hear instructions again: 1. Dial 0 . Notes: • You will not be notified when or how many calls have been rejected. • You may press 1, 0, #, or * at any time rather than waiting for the voice instructions. • The list you create here is separate from any other lists you may be using for Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting, Call Acceptance List, Call Forwarding List, and similar services. Call Trace Identifyharassingcallers through thephonecompany. How it works: When you receive a nuisance call, you can dial a simple code to trace the source of that call. How to use: 1. When you get a nuisance call, press and quickly release the “switchhook.” Listen for a special dial tone.

2. If you’ve already hung up, just lift the handset again and listen for a normal dial tone. 3. Press *57 . 4. Listen for a recorded announcement. You will hear “This is your call tracing service, to trace the last call received, dial “1.” If you dial “1,” a recorded announcement will tell you that the last incoming call has been traced. If the incoming call originated from a location that is not served by the CLASS NETWORK, you will hear a recorded announcement indicating the last incoming call could not be traced. 5. Hang up. 6. If the recorded announcement indicated that the last incoming call was traced, a phone company representative will provide that number to the proper law enforcement agency upon request after you sign an authorization form (available from the business office.) LTC Networks ® will not give the calling number information to you. You will be charged $10 when the call trace information is given to the proper law enforcement agency. An additional $90 charge will apply if LTC Networks ® processes a call trace during non-business hours. If you have any questions concerning Call Trace, please call your LTC Networks ® business office. Continued on next page


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