Ring in the Season with Honeybells

Honeybell Deluxe

These little beauties pack all the flavor of our regular Honeybells in a snack-sized citrus that fits in the palm of your hand. This is a healthy snack that tastes like candy, and with their easy-peel skins make them perfect on the go. They’re only available in January, so your Christmas gift recipients will receive a special card in December to announce that your gift will arrive upon harvest at its peak of freshness. Sweet Deal: Order 2 Shipments, Save 10%! Tiny Treats, Big Flavor

Available early January thru early February 145 18 pieces $45.99 137 12 pieces $38.99

Honeybell & Ruby Red Grapefruit Deluxe

What’s better than a shipment of sweet, delicious Honeybells? 2 shipments! Send this incredible gift of 1 of the world’s rarest citrus varieties, and your lucky friends and family will receive a shipment during our first harvest in early January, then another in late January/early February when the last harvest is ripe and ready. Order some for yourself too; it’s a wonderful winter pick-me-up. The Honeybell Gift Card: When you order for Christmas, your recipients will receive a card in December announcing that your gift will arrive in January at its peak of freshness and flavor.

Rare Honeybell oranges and sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit are gourmet sensations all by themselves, but we’ve taken these gifts over the top with deluxe ad-ins guaranteed to please the most discriminating tastes. Send your choice of all Honeybells or Honeybells Available January thru early February 4HD 4 fruit trays - approx 44 pieces $109.99 3HD 3 fruit trays - approx 32 pieces $94.99 2HD 2 fruit trays - approx 20 pieces $79.99 1HD 1 fruit tray - approx 8 pieces $59.99 Deluxe with Honeybells

combined with Grapefruit. Each deluxe gift includes 8 oz. creamy, Chocolate Covered Coconut Patties, 5 oz. Orange Marmalade and 5 oz. Florida Honey, with a hint of citrus because it’s made from bees that visit our groves. 4HRD 4 fruit trays - approx 37 pieces $104.99 3HRD 3 fruit trays - approx 27 pieces $88.99 2HRD 2 fruit trays - approx 17 pieces $74.99 1HRD 1 fruit tray - approx 7 pieces $56.99 Available January thru early February Deluxe with Honeybells & Grapefruit

4H2 4 fruit trays - approx 48 pieces $179.98 3H2 3 fruit trays - approx 36 pieces $152.98 2H2 2 fruit trays - approx 24 pieces $125.98 1H2 1 fruit tray - approx 12 pieces $89.98 70H2 sampler fruit tray - approx 6 pieces $61.99



Available early January thru early February

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