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Five Flavor Samplers: Variety Everyone Will Love

This citrus variety gift is filled with the best fruit that money can buy. Send friends and family five juicy favorites including three kinds of oranges, sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit and Honey-Sweet Tangerines. Orange varieties include Navels, Petite Navels, and Petite Red Navels, each with its own distinct flavor. Ruby Red Grapefruit are seedless and so sweet you won’t need sugar. Our Honey- Sweet Tangerines are a snack-sized favorite, with an easy-peel skin that’s great for kids.

Four varieties of premium fruit are paired with some of our customers’ favorite snacks in 1 winning gift box. Crisp Apples and creamy D’Anjou Pears provide pleasing contrast in taste and texture, while the classic seedless Navel Oranges and zipper-peel Tangerines offer plenty of sweet juice.

Chocolate lovers will appreciate the Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk Chocolate Candies. We’ve topped it all off with Honey-Roasted

Peanuts and Fruit & Nut Snack Mix for satisfying crunch.

210 Five Flavors Citrus Sampler $34.99

Available early December thru early February

Grove Citrus Basket

Citrus Lovers Basket

2024 Fruit and Snacks Gift Box $47.99

Available early November thru mid January

2682 Premium Select Oranges $49.99 Send something unique this holiday season that your friends and family may have never tried! This gift includes three citrus varieties including the rare Sugar Belle Oranges. These are available only in a single harvest, making them a true delicacy. They’re a special blend of Honeybells and Clementines, resulting in an exceptionally sweet, zipper skinned variety. They’re joined by our Honey-Sweet Tangerines and seedless Navel Oranges in an unforgettable flavor combination. For the Citrus Gourmet

Here’s a sweet gift that friends and family will remember long after the delicious citrus is gone. They’ll get a gorgeous, reusable rustic woven basket filled with our juiciest and best citrus, including 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit, 4 Honey Sweet Tangerines and 4 Navel Oranges. Premium citrus, elegantly presented at a great price.

Unbeatable freshness and flavor, beautifully presented and perfectly priced, this citrus gift will be a big hit for anyone on your list. Friends, family, teachers and more will appreciate a sugar-sweet Ruby Grapefruit, paired with 3 Honey-Sweet, snack-sized Tangerines and 4 seedless Grove Navel Oranges.

242 Citrus Lovers Basket


2486 Grove Citrus Basket


Available December

Available early November thru mid May

Available early November thru mid May



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