General Business Important Information For Our Customers About Your Telephone Service.

What Is A Preferred Interexchange Carrier (PIC) Freeze? A PIC freeze means that your carrier cannot be changed unless you contact us to change it. The PIC freeze may provide additional protection against unauthorized long distance changes. There is no cost to freeze or unfreeze your choice of carrier. Just call us. We have the form for your PIC freeze authorization. We also have a form to unfreeze the PIC or you can call us and give us the required personal verification data in order for us to ensure it is you that is giving us the verbal authorization. What Is Toll Restriction? Toll restriction stops unauthorized long distance calling from your telephone. What About Blocking 900 And 976 Pay-Per-Calls? If you get billed for 900 and 976 calls, residential customers may receive a one-time refund from the carrier if you did not know the calls were chargeable or a child or someone else made the calls without your permission. You may also get a refund if you are not satisfied with a 900 service for any justified reason like poor transmission quality, dissatisfaction with the quality or value of the 900 service, or disputes over the amount of 900 charges billed. To get a refund you must call the carrier within 60 days following the date of the bill in question. We can only adjust 900 calls that appear on our bills. We offer 900 blocking free of charge. Basic telephone service, as defined by D. 96-10-066, Appendix B, page 5, will not be disconnected solely for nonpayment of 700, 900, 976 charges. Third Party And Collect Call Blocking We can block your line from receiving third party and collect calls.

Cal-Ore Telephone Co. provides a wide variety of products and services including the following basic service offerings: Single Party Residential Service $25.00 Single Party Business Service $26.00 Single Party Universal Lifeline Service $7.95 The above rates include the following: • Local Calling; • Touch tone capability; • Access to Operator services, directory assis tance, and interexchange service providers; • Voice grade access to the public switched network; • Free access to emergency 9-1-1 and 800 or

800-like toll free services; • One free directory listing;

• Access to telephone relay service; • Free access to the business office

The following mandated surcharges, fees, and taxes will apply on all billed intrastate services: a. CPUC Reimbursement Fee b. Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge

c. California Relay Service and Communications Device Fund Surcharge

d. California High Cost Fund-A Surcharge e. California High Cost Fund-B Surcharge f. California Teleconnect Fund Surcharge g. Federal Excise Tax h. Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge (911) Contact your local office for current rates.


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