Making An Emergency Call

Dial 911 • Be clear as to what kind of assistance is needed: fire, police, medical. • Stay on the phone and answer all questions. • Give the specific location where help is needed (know the nearest intersection, for example). • Stay calm, and speak clearly. Remember to wait for help to arrive so you can direct it to the emergency. Follow the directions of the call taker. If you know basic first aid and CPR, you can help people by providing emergency assistance until professional help arrives.

9-1-1 calls are answered by trained public safety dispatchers whose priority is the handling of emergency situations. Please take the time to look up a non-emergency telephone number for the appropriate government agency if you do not have a problem that requires a law enforcement officer, fire department or ambulance to come to your location immediately. Do not call 9-1-1 or the police to confirm an earthquake. Listen to your local radio or TV station for information. TTY, TDD Emergency Calls Dial 9-1-1 Tap the space bar until someone answers. After your call is answered, pressing different TDD keys may help shorten the time necessary to respond to your call. Blocking In case of extreme congestion of the telephone network, Cal-Ore Telephone Co. and/or long distance carriers may institute blocking. Blocking prevents overloading the system by diverting some calls to recordings, allowing other calls to complete. If you need to place an emergency call: 1. Make sure receivers of all extension phones are on the hookswitch. 2. Stay on the line. You may not hear a dial tone immediately; the delay could be as long as a minute or more. 3. Do not repeatedly depress the hookswitch, as this will further delay your call. 4. If you receive a “fast busy” or “all circuits are busy” recording, hang up and try again. 5. If physical damage occurs in our equipment or facilities or your wiring, it may not be possible to complete your call. It may be easier to call out of the disaster area during emergencies. Contact a friend or a relative outside the immediate area and have that person relay messages to reduce calling in and out of the affected area.


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