Long Distance Calling More Expensive

Operator-Assisted Calls Long distance calls requiring an Operator are the most expensive. Calls placed from public (coin) telephones and certain calls from hotels, as well as most types of calls listed below are Operator Assisted calls.

To Place An Operator-Assisted Call: Within your Area Code, dial: 0 + phone number

Outside Your Area Code, Dial: 0 + Area Code + phone number

Examples Of Operated-Assisted Calls Collect Calls

You may call collect if the person or firm you are calling agrees to pay the charges. In your Service Area (530), dial “0” – XXX-XXXX. When calling out of the Service Area dial “0” – area code- XXX XXXX; an Operator will come on the line to assist you with your call.

International Calls You can call practically anywhere in the world by dialing the Operator. However, some customers can dial overseas calls directly to many countries. See the International Calling section for more information.


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