Long Distance Calling Direct Dial (Less Expensive)

Direct Dial Dialing instructions within the 530 Area Code have changed. By dialing your own long distance calls, you will pay the lowest rate and pay for only the time you talk. To Place A Direct-Dial Call: • Within the 530 Area Code, dial 7-digit Telephone Number only • Outside the 530 Area Code, dial 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number Cal-Ore Telephone is in the Chico/ Redding Service Area. The Chico/ Redding Service Area is part of the 530 Area Code. If the community and number (Prefix) you want to call is not listed in the Service Area section of this guide, that community may be outside of your Service Area. Check with your “0” Operator for specific community Service Area. Area Codes identify geographic calling areas. To find the Area Codes, see the Long Distance Area Codes.

To use a long distance company instead of your presubscribed carrier for your Service Area toll calls, you will need to dial that company’s access code before you dial each outgoing toll call (i.e. 101 + access code + telephone number). This also applies to interstate toll calls that you want carried by another long distance company. Directory Assistance If You Don’t Know The Telephone Number 1. For telephone numbers in the 530 Area, you may dial Directory Assistance your self: dial 555-1212 or 411. 2. For telephone numbers outside the 530 Area, dial 1, the Area Code and 555-1212. 3. When you are connected with the Directory Assistance Operator in the dis tant city, ask for the telephone number you want. When you get the number, write it down together with the area code in your new telephone directory. You can get the telephone numbers of those businesses and people who have toll-free numbers by dialing 1-800-555-1212.


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