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Telephone Wiring & Equipment Repair

Troubleshooting To save time and costly repair charges on single line residen tial or business service, we encourage you to attempt to isolate problems before calling for repairs. The following guide lines may be of assistance: 1. Check each instrument to be sure that a receiver is not off the hook. 2. Be sure that all jacks are securely in their outlets and that there are no loose connections or exposed or frayed wires. 3. To determine whether you may have an isolated inter nal wiring problem, take a working telephone to each outlet and test for dial tone. 4. If you still have not determined the problem, and your home is so equipped, take a known working telephone outside to your telephone network interface device (where the telephone wire enters your building). Remove the existing plug-in from the connector block and insert the plug on the cord of your mod ular telephone into the outlet. If you hear a dial tone from your telephone, you may assume that the problem is with your inside wiring. If there is no dial tone, it is probably an external problem in the Nushagak Cooperative telephone line. If the problem is the Nushagak Cooperative line, there will be no charge for the repair.

Federal deregulation of inside wire and jacks requires members to assume responsibility for the maintenance and repair of all “inside wiring.” Inside wiring includes any telephone wiring, either inside or outside of your home or business, which runs from the telephone network interface device and is usually located outside of your building if a single family home or single business location, and inside of your building if a multi-family dwelling or multi business location, such as an office building. Telephone Wiring Options for Your Home or Business • Call on our Experience - Nushagak Cooperative will install or repair inside wiring and jacks for a fee. • Hire an independent contractor. • Do the Work Yourself - You may provide your own wiring and jacks. Inside wiring and jack kits are available at Nushagak Cooperative.


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