Information Guide

Changes In Service We will take your request for service changes, including moves and disconnects, over the telephone, provided that your CPNI password is on file at Nushagak Cooperative. Also, you may send your request by fax or by email to csr@ nushagak.coop . *See more information about CPNI on page 8.

Deposit Requirements Nushagak Cooperative may require a security deposit on any account. A deposit may be waived with a good credit reference from another telephone or electric utility. Credit must reflect that you have had utility service within the last five years for a consecutive two-year period.

You will be asked to pay the initial deposit when you place your order, until the credit reference is provided. Deposit refunds are issued when service is disconnected. A refund will be processed by the 15th of the following month.

New Service Nushagak Cooperative Inc. is owned by its members. When you begin service with us, you become a member/owner. We require all members to complete and sign a membership card. As a member/owner, you have a voice in your Cooperative. You will be able to vote at the Annual Meeting for Board Members, discuss issues and benefit from the services that Nushagak Cooperative Inc. brings to you at the lowest possible cost. Installation Scheduling Requests for telephone service received by 12-noon will be completed on or before 12-noon of the following business day, providing no premises visit is required. Allow two to five business days for telephone, Internet or cable television connects that require a visit to your premises, and additional time for new construction. Such requests are scheduled in the order they are received.

Nushagak Cooperative is required by Alaska State Law to pay interest on deposits that exceed $100.


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