Alaska Relay Makes Telecommunications Accessible for Nonstandard Phone Users

What is Alaska Relay? Alaska Relay makes using the telephone possible for thousands of citizens and visitors who are ? e

How do I apply for specialized telephone equipment? The Telecommunications Equipment and Tablet Distribution Program (TEDP) provides phone equipment to people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind and or Speech Disabled at no cost or low cost. Individuals can choose from a wide variety of easy-to-use equipment options, including: Text phone (TTY), amplified phones, captioned phones, flasher and mobile devices. To be eligible for the TEDP you must be an Alaskan resident and have a need for distance communication. For more information, visit alaskarelay.com/tedp . Learn more about Alaska Relay Alaska Relay Website: alaskarelay.com

Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafblind, or Speech Disabled. It is a no cost, completely confidential service that is available 24-hours a day. How does Alaska Relay work? The person dials the toll-free Alaska Relay number and gives the Communications Assistant the area code and number of the person receiving the call. Alaska Relay service has highly trained Communications Assistants who voice the typed comments by the TTY (text telephone) user and type the spoken comments by the other party back to the TTY user. Alaska Relay provides several options for people who do not use a standard telephone. How to connect to Alaska Relay Dial: 711*

T-Mobile Accessibility Care: 800-676-3777 (TTY/Voice)

Spanish Accessibility Care: 800-676-4290 (TTY/Voice) Speech-to-Speech Accessibility Care: 877-787-1989 Voice Carry-Over Accessibility Care: 866-931-9027 CapTel Customer Service:

TTY: 800-770-8973 Voice: 800-770-8255 Spanish: 866-355-6199 ASCII: 800-770-3919

888-269-7477 (Voice/CapTel/TTY) CapTel Spanish Customer Service: 866-670-9134 (Voice/CapTel/TTY) T-Mobile Accessibility Care Email: access@t-mobile.com

Voice Carry-Over: 800-770-6108 Hearing Carry-Over: 800-770-8973 Speech-to-Speech: 866-355-6198

Services supported by surcharge A few cents per telephone bill surcharge makes Alaska Relay services possible for the citizens of Alaska. 711 is not an emergency number Some people might assume it is okay to call 711 for emergencies. The 711 Alaska Relay number is for relay service calls only. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that 911 centers be prepared to handle emergency calls from people who use the text telephone. Alaska Relay will make every effort to assist a person during an emergency but cannot serve in the same function as 911 centers. Alaska Relay does not assume responsibility for handling emergency calls.

* Some buildings with a PBX telephone system (often in hotels and offices that have extension numbers) make reaching 711 not possible. The above 800 numbers can be dialed when not able to get through to 711. CapTelĀ® CapTel, short for captioned telephone, is a service that allows users to hear and read what the person they are calling says. CapTel users place calls just as if they were using a standard telephone. CapTel service uses specialized operators and enhanced voice recognition technology that displays verbatim captions of the conversation on the screen of a CapTel phone or a computer screen. For more information, go to alaskarelay.com .

Alaska Telecommunications Relay Service is funded by a surcharge established by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA). Ā© 2023 Alaska Relay. All rights reserved. CapTel is a registered trademark of Ultratec, Inc.


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