Custom Calling User Guide

Call Waiting ID If you subscribe to Call Waiting and Caller ID, you can also enjoy the features of Call Waiting ID. Your Caller ID Unit will display the information of an incoming call while you are on the line with another caller, so you can decide whether or not to answer the second call. You may need to program your phone for this feature. Read the instructions included with your phone.

2. Your phone will keep dialing the number for up to 30 minutes and a special ring will notify you when the line is clear and your call is ready to go through. 3. Pick up the phone and the call will be automatically dialed. Automatic Redial This feature allows you to dial the number of the last incoming call that you DID NOT answer. Instructions: 1. Pick up the phone and dial *69 ( 1169 from a rotary phone). 2. The number will be automatically dialed. *Not available on Hunt Groups Call Blocking Per Call Call blocking is a standard feature on every Nushagak Cooperative line. You can activate this feature to prevent your phone number and name from displaying on a Caller ID unit. Instructions: 1. Please see chart to activate or deactivate. 2. Press *67 or 1167 on rotary phone and listen for confirmation tone. 3. Dial the phone number. Your name and Call Blocking Per Line You must request this service from Nushagak Cooperative. Call blocking prevents your name & number from displaying on any Caller ID unit for all calls made. “Private Caller” will be displayed on other Caller ID units. To Deactivate for individual calls: 1. Press *82 or 1182 for rotary phones. 2. Call blocking returns after this call is made. number will be blocked and “private” will appear on the other person’s Caller ID unit.

Automatic Callback This feature allows you to redial the number of the last outgoing call. If the number is busy, call setup will be attempted as soon as both parties are idle. A special ring will alert you when both lines are idle. As soon as you lift the handset, the call will be automatically dialed. Instructions: 1. Pick up the phone and dial *66 ( 1166 from a rotary phone).


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