Custom Calling User Guide

Busy Call Forwarding Whenever you’re on the phone, you can be sure your callers can talk with someone else or can leave a message for you. Easily turn it on or off, or change the forwarding number anytime, once you’ve asked the telephone company to activate this service. How to Operate: 1. To activate and deactivate, please see chart. 2. Press *90 or on rotary phone dial 1190 and listen for the dial tone. 3. Dial the number where you want your calls forwarded. When the phone is answered, your Call Forwarding is in effect. 4. If the line is busy, or there is no answer, hang up. 5. Within two minutes, repeat steps. You’ll hear a confirmation tone to let you know your Call Forwarding Busy is now working. 6. To deactivate press *91 or on rotary phone dial 1191 . 7. Listen for confirmation tone, then hang up. Remote Call Forwarding To Activate: 1. Call the RACF directory number: 907-842-7206 . 2. Enter your own directory number

Class Features Note:

You will hear a stutter dial tone whenever one of these call features is activated on your phone. This is to remind you that one or more of these features is activated. Caller ID Nushagak Cooperative members can subscribe to Caller ID services which allows you to view the date, time, phone number and directory name (where available) of each incoming call on a Caller ID display box or a Caller ID phone. The Caller ID unit will include instructions on how to display the information desired. You must allow at least one ring before Caller ID information will be displayed. If “out of area” appears on the display unit, the caller is in an area that doesn’t support the service. Blocked calls will not display name and phone numbers of the caller and may be displayed as “Private Caller.”

and PIN when prompted (PIN number is the last 4 digits of your telephone number). 3. Enter the Call Forwarding access code you require (example *72). 4. Configure the call service as for normal Call Forwarding Configuration.


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