Custom Calling User Guide

Speed Calling You can select either a short list of eight telephone numbers (Speed Calling 8) or a long list of 30 telephone numbers (Speed Calling 30). How to Operate: 1. For push-button telephones, press *75 or for rotary phones dial 1175 and wait 4 seconds for the dial tone. For one-digit codes press *74 or 1174 for rotary phones. 2. Select a one-digit code (use numbers 2 through 9) for Speed Calling 8. Select a two-digit code (use numbers 20 through 49) for Speed Calling 30. 3. Dial the code you have selected and the complete telephone number as you would normally place the call, including the area code, if applicable. At this point, for push-button telephones, press the # symbol. For rotary dial telephones, you will hear a 4-second pause. Two beeps will confirm your entry. 4. To call numbers selected for Speed Calling, simply dial the one- and two-digit code that you have chosen, then, if you have a push-button telephone, press the # symbol. If you have a rotary dial telephone, you will hear a 4 second pause before the call is connected. 5. To change an existing Speed Calling number, follow steps 1-4 to reprogram. Notes:

You will need to keep a list of your Speed Calling numbers. Nushagak Cooperative does not have this information. Teen Line This feature allows a station to have two directory numbers on the same single-party line so that a subscriber may receive calls dialed to separate numbers without installing a second line. The subscriber is issued a Primary Directory Number (PDN), identified by normal ringing, and a Secondary Directory Number (SDN), identified by distinctive ringing. Calls originate from the PDN only; calls may terminate to either the PDN or to the SDN. All billing is done to the PDN .


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