Custom Calling User Guide

Three-Way Calling This service allows you to add a third party to your existing conversation without operator assistance. Three-Way Calling may be used whether you have placed or received the first call. How to Operate: 1. Press and release the receiver button quickly to put your call on “hold.” You will hear three beeps then a dial tone. 2. Dial the third person’s number. You may talk privately before including the “holding” party. 3. To add the “holding” party, press and release the receiver button. All three parties will be on the line (if there is a busy signal or no answer you may return to the original call by pressing and releasing the receiver button). Notes: If the original party hangs up, you may add another party by repeating steps 1, 2 and 3. To disconnect the third party, press the receiver button twice. Your line is then free to add a different third party by repeating steps 1, 2 and 3. All parties are disconnected when you hang up.

Notes: 1. While your calls are being forwarded, your telephone will ring briefly each time your number is dialed. You cannot answer the calls, but the ring is a reminder that Call Forwarding is still in effect. 2. While calls are being forwarded, you may use your telephone for outgoing calls. 3. If you forward your calls outside of your calling area, you will be charged for any calls forwarded from your number to the distant number. For example, if you forward your calls to a number in Anchorage or California, the person calling you is charged only for the call to your number. You will be charged the rate from your number to Anchorage or California.


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