Custom Calling User Guide

5. Call Waiting is disabled for the duration of the call and is automatically restored when the call is terminated. Call Forwarding This service allows you to transfer your incoming calls to any telephone that you may direct-dial without operator assistance. How to Operate: 1. To forward calls from rotary dial telephones, dial 1172 or *72 for push-button phones. 2. Immediately dial the number that will be accepting your calls. Call Forwarding is in effect when the party answers. 3. If the line is busy, or if there is no answer, hang up and repeat the first two steps. No answer is required to establish Call Forwarding on the second attempt. 4. To cancel Call Forwarding from a rotary dial telephone, dial 1173 or *73 for a push-button phone. Wait 4 seconds for two beeps and then hang up. 5. Please see chart to activate and deactivate calling feature.

Cancel Call Waiting This service allows you to disable Call Waiting for the duration of one call. How to Operate: This feature provides two methods to disable Call Waiting: Prior to Originating a Call 1. Listen for a dial tone. Press *70 for push-button telephones or dial 1170 for rotary dial telephones. 2. Dial the number of the person to whom you wish to talk without Call Waiting in effect. 3. For the duration of this call, Call Waiting is disabled. 4. Upon termination of the call, Call Waiting will automatically be restored. During an Established Call: 1. Press and release the receiver button quickly to put your call on “hold.” Listen for the dial tone. 2. Press *70 for push-button telephones or dial 1170 for rotary dial telephones. 3. Listen for a confirmation tone informing you that your request to disable Call Waiting has been honored. 4. After the confirmation tone, the original connection is reestablished between you and the other party.


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