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the last 24 months and have not asked in writing that the calls be stopped. The statute defines two instances where telephone solicitation is unwanted: 1. If you are Registered on the Do-Not-Call website as not wishing to receive telephone solicitations and you receive a call. 2. If the call is made using an automated or recorded message to advertise or solicit over the telephone. What You Can Do The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has implemented a National Do-Not-Call Registry. This registry gives you a choice of whether or not to receive telemarketing calls at home. Register on-line today at www.donotcall.gov . A Word of Caution Even though a member may take the appropriate steps and request that their number be added to the Do-Not-Call List, the member may still receive unwanted telephone solicitations. Nushagak Cooperative is not able to block the calls with our equipment. The only way calls are prevented is if they are not made. Telephone solicitors are required by law to obtain a list of all subscribers who do not wish to be contacted. If a telemarketer requests a

Prosecuting Fraudulent Callers It is illegal for another person to charge long distance calls to your telephone number or calling card without your permission. People using unauthorized calling cards or telephone numbers to avoid charges are subject to prosecution and Alaska statute, AS45.50.475, adds unwanted telephone solicitations to residential telephone members to the list of unlawful acts and practices in the conduct of trade or commerce. Telephone solicitation is defined as “the solicitation by a person by telephone of a customer at the residence of the member for the purpose of encouraging the customer to purchase property, goods, or services, or make a donation.” The following calls do not fall under the definition of solicitation: 1. If you asked the caller to call you. 2. If the call is made by or on the behalf of a charitable organization that you have made a donation to (or expressed an interest in making a donation) during the last 24 months. 3. If the caller is only asking for your ideas, opinions or vote. 4. If the call is business-to-business. 5. If you have purchased from the caller within may be imprisoned, fined or both. Unwanted Telephone Solicitation

list, Nushagak Cooperative will direct the telemarketer to the Federal Do-Not-Call website. Nushagak Cooperative does not have the authority to enforce this legislation.


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