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Your Rights & Responsibilities Tariff Information Nushagak Cooperative’s operating tariffs are the rates, rules and regulations by which we operate. These tariffs are available for inspection at Nushagak Cooperative’s Members Service office, located at 557 Kenny Wren Road, Dillingham, Taking care of our members is our primary concern. Your customer service representative will answer your questions and resolve any problems that you may have. If your customer service representative is unable to answer your questions, they will direct you to a Nushagak Cooperative employee who will assist you. Your Privacy Is Protected Nushagak Cooperative protects the privacy of both your communications and account records. Unlawfully wiretapping a telephone is a crime under federal and state laws. Anyone who wiretaps or otherwise intercepts a telephone call is subject to prosecution. Nushagak Cooperative does not install or provide the equipment necessary for intercepting communication. However, when we receive a properly issued court order, we are required by law to cooperate with the appropriate law enforcement agency. Be Careful Who You Let Use Your Telephone If telephone service is in your name, you are responsible for all calls made from your telephone, including long distance calls, regardless of who places them. Also keep your calling cards in a safe place where other unauthorized users cannot place calls with your card. Use Your Telephone For The Proper Type of Service Residence telephones are installed with the understanding that they will be used for normal social or domestic purposes. A residence Alaska or online at www.nushtel.com . Let Us Know If You Are Not Satisfied

telephone will be changed to business service if used primarily or substantially for business purposes or if the residence telephone number is advertised in connection with sale of products or services. Use Your Telephone For Lawful Purposes Only Your telephone may be used for legal purposes only and may not be used in a way that interferes with the telephone service of others. Equipment connected to Nushagak Cooperative lines must be in compliance with Federal Communications Commission regulations. Annual CPNI Notice Nushagak Cooperative respects the privacy of our members and our employees do everything possible to protect information that may be found in your account records. The Federal Communications Commission developed new rules in 2007 that require certain steps be taken to protect Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). If requested, Nushagak Cooperative will provide account information to our members in one of the following ways: 1) We will verify the password you provided to us when you call with questions about your CPNI. 2) We may call the telephone number of record and provide the account information; 3) We may mail the information to the address of record; or 4) We may provide the information at our office if we are presented with valid photo identification and the individual so identified is on the account. We do not anticipate that these new rules will interfere with quality member service. If you wish to receive additional information regarding CPNI rules and how they are implemented in Nushagak Cooperative, please call or stop by our office.


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