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For over 100 years of service, Ponderosa has had deep roots in the communities of Auberry, Big Creek, Friant, Lakeshore, North Fork, O’Neals, Prather, Shaver Lake, Tollhouse and surrounding areas. In 1992, the Cima exchange in San Bernardino County also became a part of our serving area. We are proud to say that our modern telecommunications network is capable of providing the services required by the Federal Communications Commission throughout our serving area. These services include: Single party services with free local usage and voice grade access to the public switched network utilizing modern signaling technology. Ponderosa also offers these services, in addition to toll blocking and service connections, at a discount to California LifeLine* customers. Each level of service provides access to Emergency 9-1-1 service, Operator services, Directory Assistance and a variety of Interexchange Toll Providers. * California LifeLine is a program that provides discounted rates on basic residential service and installation charges available to qualified low income households. (See pages 13-15 for eligibility requirements) Monthly Rates for Basic Services Single Party Residence Service. . . . . . . . . . . $25.00 Single Party Business Service . . . . . . . . . . . . $37.10 Single Party California LifeLine* Service. . . . . $7.95 To Establish Service To apply for new telephone service, please contact us at 1-800-682-1878. Number Changes The Telephone Company reserves the right to, and may at its discretion, change the subscriber’s telephone number.

Bills for Service Most bills are prepared monthly and are due and payable upon presentation. Charges for local service are billed one month in advance; long distance charges are from the previous month, and will appear on a separate page of your bill.

Attachments to Directories and Telephones

Devices and apparatus claimed to eliminate noise, destroy germs, etc., frequently interfere with satisfactory service and are prohibited. The attaching to this directory of any index, cover, device, apparatus or other appliance containing advertising matter is prohibited. Recording Conversations Federal and state tariffs say that for a conversation to be legally recorded, one of these conditions must be met: 1. All parties must consent to be recorded, or 2. All parties must hear a “beep” tone about every 15 seconds. (Exemptions apply to commercial broadcasting) Unlawful Wiretapping Federal law makes it a crime for anyone to wiretap or otherwise intercept a call without the consent of one of the parties involved. California law says all parties on the call must consent before anyone may record a conversation or before a person may eavesdrop or wiretap. (Exemptions apply to law enforcement agencies that meet all state and federal regulations.)


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