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Selective Call Acceptance Sometimes there are only specific people you want to hear from. Selective Call Acceptance goes a step beyond Priority Ringing by allowing only those calls you preselect. When your service is turned “on,” other callers will receive a cour- teous message letting them know you’re not receiving calls at that time. Selective Call Forwarding If you’re going to be leaving the house and you want specific calls forwarded to the number where you’ll be, Selective Call Forwarding allows you to forward only the calls you choose. Selective Call Rejection Okay, let’s admit it: there are some people we just don’t want to talk to. With Selective Call Rejection you can specifically select those numbers you’d rather not hear from. When your service is turned “on,” anyone calling from those numbers will receive a brief message letting them know you’re not receiving calls at that time. * Where network is available. ** Requires Caller ID. Caller ID Know who is calling you before you answer the phone! Caller ID allows the calling party’s phone number to be displayed, and Calling Name ID allows the calling party’s name and/ or phone number to be displayed on a Caller ID or Calling Name ID compatible phone or device at your home or office (unless the calling party has requested call blocking on their number). When a blocked number calls, “Private” will be displayed on your equipment. You can choose to answer or not. Please contact your Customer Care Center to order this feature. Centrex Manage multiple location offices or home offices with ease and provides sophisticated features without the additional equip- ment expense and maintenance. Great for businesses of all sizes. Centrex is a Central Office base software that allows PBX and Key system features without the hardware. Please call one of our Customer Service Representatives today to find out more about what Centrex can do for your business!


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