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Call Waiting In the past, if friends tried to call while you were already on the phone, all they got was a busy signal. But now, with Call Waiting, you’ll be able to receive incoming calls when you’re already on the line. It’s great for a home with teenagers, and especially valuable in case of an emergency. Call Forwarding There are some calls you just can’t miss. At the same time, you can’t spend your whole day sitting by the phone. With Call Forwarding, wherever your travels lead, you’ll keep in touch. It actually allows you to transfer your calls to another telephone number! If you have a small business, you can forward your home calls to the office With only one phone line, trying to speak to two people at once can be a real adventure. Unless, of course, you have Three-Way Calling. It’s a convenient feature that al- lows you to add a third party to your two-way conversa- tion. Whether you’re talking to family and friends or business customers, Three-Way Calling eliminates the hassle of call backs and second-hand messages. One of the best things about Custom Calling Services is the price. For only a few dollars a month, your phone will guide you into exciting, new territory, and make your life a little easier. To order or learn more about Custom Calling Service, please call. or your office calls to home. Three-Way Calling

Discover the Convenience of Custom Calling Ponderosa’s custom calling services offer you the luxury of features so convenient, so affordable, your phone services will never be the same again. In fact, it will make managing your time a whole lot easier. Call 1-800-682-1878 for information and availability. NEW! Exciting Products & Extreme Values for 2015 Call for more details or find feature descriptions and "How to Use Voice Features" online at Classic Voice & Classic Voice Plus Feature Packages This is the definition of extreme value! Enjoy 12 popular Custom Calling and CLASS voice features for only $5.00 per month, or receive the same 12 features plus Calling Name ID for only $6.50 per month! Services re- quire a subscription to Ponderosa wireline service and a compatible digital telephone. Self-administer your conference calls online, anytime, from anywhere through your personal web portal. There’s no reservation, monthly subscription or set-up charge. You will be billed $ .03 per-minute per confer- ence line on your next statement. Call us to set up your conferencing web portal today! Conference adminis- tration requires a subscription to Ponderosa wireline service, a digital telephone and a compatible device with Internet access. On-Demand Telephone Conference Calling with Web Portal Administrator

Activate Deactivate

Activate Deactivate

Call Trace

Cancel Call Waiting



Selective Call Rejection

Call Forwarding


*72 *73

Priority Ringing

Speed Calling-Short List (8)



Selective Call Acceptance

Speed Calling-Long List (30)



Automatic Redial Last Number *66 *86

Anonymous Call Rejection

*77 *87

Caller ID Block

Delayed Call Forwarding


*92 *93

Busy Call Forwarding

Selective Call Forwarding

*90 *91


Automatic Call Return

*69 *89


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