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Access Recovery Charge (ARC) - Current rate: Residential and Single Line Business $1.50 per month; Multi Line Business $3.00 per month

The FCC issued revised rules which became effective December 29, 2011, and shifted a portion of Pon- derosa's existing revenue recovery to a new rate ele- ment called “Access Recovery Charge” or “ARC.” The “ARC” charge allows Ponderosa to recover from end user customers a limited portion of the revenues lost due to FCC mandated reductions in intercarrier billings. The effective date for customer billing of the “ARC” charge was July 3, 2012.

Basic Service This is the dial tone that allows you to make and receive local (non-toll) calls. Local service is billed one month in advance. Basic service rates are determined by the type of service you apply for: Residential Service, California LifeLine Residential Service and Business Service. Description of Taxes and Surcharges on Your Ponderosa Telephone Bill The taxes and surcharge percentage rates below are ef- fective at the time of this publication. Federal Subscriber Line Charge (SLC) – Current rate $6.50* A flat monthly charge for residential and single-line busi- ness established by the FCC, it is applied directly to cus- tomers to help local telephone companies recover some of their costs in constructing and maintaining the local network. The Subscriber Line Charge (SLC) is also applied to multi-line business at the current rate of $9.20 per line. These rates are subject to review and change by the FCC.

Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) – Current rate 16.1%*

The federal government established national programs to support universal telephone service in this country. The federal version of the Universal Service Fund assists with the costs of providing affordable service to low-income individuals and to residents living in the rural, high-costs areas of the country. The United States Congress has ex- panded this program to help the schools, libraries and rural health care providers to obtain the advanced serv- ices such as Internet access. All providers of telecommu- nications services contribute to the support of these programs. How it affects you, the individual end-user, is determined on the services you order and the number of telephone lines you have. The FUSC surcharge is applied on a percentage basis to the total of your interstate serv- ice charges. *Please note that the rates and charges listed are current at the time of publication but are subject to change by the appropriate agency.


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